Produce. Finish. Inspect.
An association that can do everything

In the beginning, as always, there was the idea. From this we've created a textile association which, in this form, isn't only unique in Germany, but the world over - the Quality Group.

A premium merger of top textile companies whose range of services extends from design via production, through to the finishing and including quality control.

Knopf's Sohn
Knopf's Sohn, Helmbrechts
Erhardt, Grafengehaig
Zuleeg, Ort/Helmbrechts


Tel. +49 9255 9797-14
Tel. +49 9252 702-143
Tel. +49 9252 7070
Tel. +49 9252 702-110
Tel. +49 9255 9797-29
Tel. +49 9252 7070
Tel. +49 9252 702-119
Tel. +49 9252 7070

A unique textile network
for outstanding worlds of fabric

Our name is your guarantee. For perfect fabrics produced from top weaving mills, Erhardt and Zuleeg, and which are prepared, finished and further processed on the premises of Knopf's Sohn.

Moreover, with our subsidiaries Corporate Fabrics (wovens for corporate wear, sports and protective wear) and EZ Fashion (the fabric from which fashion is made), we offer added value which is essential to the premium segment of the market.

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The Quality Group in numbers

4 M

Production capacity (in m)

12 M

Finishing capacity (in m)

50 M

Turnover (in EUR)