When four strong brands merge,
genuine quality is the result.

The Quality Group is a textile premium group which sets standards, in quality, diversity, plus in the range of offer and in value for money.

We are benefitted by our understanding of the worlds of fabric, and our knowledge of the tradition from which our branch originates. As part of the group this experience can be brought to its best advantage - and that is exactly what we achieve for you.

Logo Erhardt

As a traditional company, we are similarly committed to providing first class quality, as we are to perfect textile service. The result is a premium weaving mill that produces for the subsidiaries, EZ Fashion and Corporate Fabrics.

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Logo Knopf

The name Knopf's Sohn has stood for world-class textile finishing for more than two hundred years. Washing, dying, finishing, and where textiles are given character. Since 1809. And in a quality that sets standards.

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Logo Zuleeg

For over 90 years, the name Zuleeg has stood for creative fabrics that have been produced for EZ Fashion and Corporate Fabrics. Woven from the best raw materials.

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Logo CF

Our world has changed - our solution for all challenges are technical textiles. Workwear that can do more. In the most varied qualities, from first class professional and working clothes through to TechTex, i.e. fabrics that protect against heat, water, electricity and harmful substances.

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Logo EZ

Today, the high art of weaving is still mastered in both high-quality companies, Erhardt and Zuleeg. However, we have long since transported this creative handwork into the internet age and, as EZ Fashion, create the fabric from which trends are made.

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